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Ways to lower Radon levels in your home prior to having mitigation.

How does Radon enter my house???

Radon enters your house through several different ways:

  • Cracks in solid floors.
  • Construction Joints.
  • Cracks in walls.
  • Gaps in suspended floors.
  • Gaps around service pipes.
  • Cavities inside of the wall.
  • The water supply.
  • Open sump pit.

 How can I stop it!!!

There are few things that you can do as a homeowner to help keep radon out:

  • Seal any accessible cracks, gaps, or cavities.
  • Install a radon specific sump cover.
  • Lay heavy duty polyethylene sheets over the soil (usually in crawlspaces) and seal the edges together and to the foundation to hinder gas transfer. 
*Test your home regularly to make sure that you are not at risk*