Seller Inspection

A key strategy toward optimal profit

“A preemptive measure that will save you time, stress, and money!”

Without a Seller Inspection:

Seller lists the home for the amount of money they wish to receive.

Seller accepts an offer from a potential buyer and the sale is contingent upon a home inspection.

Buyer gets a home inspection and a number of undisclosed issues are identified.

“The buyer will now begin to devalue your home”

If the buyer hasn’t been scared away by this point, buyer will either present the seller with a litany of issues to be fixed before purchase or ask for a reduction in price.

“Neither of these options is ideal for the seller”

With a Seller Inspection:

Seller will be afforded the time to fix any issues that he or she is capable of fixing.

Seller will have the luxury of being able to shop around for fair contractor pricing to fix any issues that he or she is not equipped to fix.

Issues are addressed and the home becomes a desirable investment for any buyer.

“Haggling back and forth with the potential buyer prior to closing is diminished”

Seller is now poised to receive the asking price for the home.

“Added stress is avoided and time and money saved”

I realize that when a person decides to sell his/her home there are many different strategies on how best to do so, for example, increase curb appeal, home staging, etc. No matter what strategies you employ the end goals remain the same, to sell the home quickly and for as much profit as possible. It is my goal as your home inspector to help you accomplish these objectives. Upon arriving at your home, I will perform a full, comprehensive home inspection, reviewing any issues or defects that I uncover with you. This will better prepare you for the issues that a potential home buyer will find.